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look、see、watch、read 的区别与用法,太全了

导读:look、see、watch、read 的区别与用法,太全了!看后再也不会错了


1、look : “看”,强调看的动作,过程

look at +宾语 表示“看……”


①、Look! Tom is over there. 看!汤姆在那儿。

②、Look! Some students are planting trees.看!一些孩子在种树。

③、Look at the blackboard, please. 请看黑板。

④、Look at your watch and tell me the time. 看看你的手表,然后告诉我时间。

2、see : ①、“看见、看到”强调看的结果 ②、“看望” ③、“明白,知道”常用于口语中


①、Can I see your new pen? 我可以看看你的新钢笔吗?

②、I looked at the box very carefully, but I didn't see anything in it . 我很仔细的看了那个盒子,但我没有看到有什么在里面。

③、I often see my grandparents on weekends. 我经常在周末去看我的祖父母。

④、–Xi'an is a big city. 西安是一座大城市。

–l see . Where is it? 我知道,它在哪里?

3、watch :“观看,注视”,强专注地看,有欣赏的意味,用来指移动着的物体,如:看电视,看比赛等。


①、My mother often watches TV at night. 我的妈妈经常在晚上看电视。

②、Jack likes watching football matches very much. 杰克非常喜欢看足球比赛。

③、Amy and Lily are watching a movie together. 艾米和莉莉正在一起看电影。

4、read : 指“看”时指“阅读”,常用于看书、看报纸、看杂志等。


①、I like reading at home. 我喜欢在家看书。

②、My father used to read the newspaper after supper. 我的爸爸习惯在晚饭之后看报纸。

③、Lily likes reading entertainment magazines. 莉莉喜欢看娱乐杂志。